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Welcome to Bitcoin LYFE's comprehensive learning hub! We firmly believe that a solid understanding of Bitcoin is essential for everyone. Of course having people rush in with enthusiasm to pump the value of our bags is great short term, but it’s the people who invest the time to understand make the best stewards and long term holders who add the most value to Bitcoin. Indeed, those who grasp the essence of Bitcoin gain the most from their involvement. Yet, understanding Bitcoin is a journey that demands time and commitment. The world of Bitcoin is vast and ever-evolving, even experienced enthusiasts continuously unearth new insights. Embrace this diversity of knowledge and embrace exploration.

Our Educational Mission

At Bitcoin LYFE, our mission is to empower newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike on their journey of learning about Bitcoin. We recognize that numerous other platforms provide in-depth educational content, guiding individuals step by step. Instead of duplicating these efforts, we recommend a selection of trusted resources that follow a systematic approach.

Foundational Knowledge – Getting Started

  • Bitcoin White Paper: Dive into the foundation of it all. The Bitcoin white paper, released by the enigmatic pseudonymous figure Satoshi Nakamoto in October 2008, is where the journey began. This seemingly simple document holds profound complexity. As you delve deeper, revisit this paper at various stages of your learning. Find it here: Bitcoin White Paper. Explore the broader website too, offering a wealth of information and resources to enrich your understanding.

  • Brief Intro Video to Bitcoin: If you're new to Bitcoin, start with the concise video "A Brief Intro Video to Bitcoin" by 99Bitcoins. This primer will set the stage: Watch the Video.

  • Introduction to Bitcoin Free 1-Hour Course:  This free 1-hour course from Swan Bitcoin welcomes you to Bitcoin in a simple and friendly way. Access it here. You'll learn the many ways in which Bitcoin could benefit you, such as:
    • ​Inflation Protection: Protect your savings from inflation and manipulation.
    • ​Investment Opportunity: Potential for substantial returns driven by its scarcity and growing adoption.
    • ​Prosperous Future: Decentralized money that serves as a store of value for your hard-earned wealth.

  • History of Cypherpunks and Digital Freedom: Not everyone takes the time to understand how Bitcoin came to exist and the documentary “Cypherpunks Write Code” does a great job of introducing this history and how technologies evolved to permit this digital freedom. If you can spare the 44 minutes to watch, we believe this is definitely worth the time.

  • Bitcoin 101: If you are new to Bitcoin, this is the perfect rabbit hole for you! Learn the Bitcoin basics including what Bitcoin is, how it works, and why it’s important. Learn about the history of money and why some common misconceptions around Bitcoin are incorrect. This rabbit hole will help demystify Bitcoin and serve as a great foundation to begin your Bitcoin journey. This learning resource, found here, is created by Cory Klippsten at Swan and has eight different learning segments. It is DEFINITELY worth your time.

  • My First Bitcoin Diploma Student Workbook: Discover a unique resource from MiPrimerBitcoin, an international Bitcoin education initiative. Designed as a user-friendly class aid, this free workbook simplifies the journey from money basics to Bitcoin understanding. This is truly a one of a kind learning resource and it is definitely worth your time. Uncover it here: Download Workbook.

  • Bitcoin.org Resources: The bitcoin.org website has a collection of learning resources that will help to get you moving on your learning journey. These include learning links, documentaries, and more. Find it here

  • Bitcoin for Beginners Playlist: For a comprehensive introduction, immerse yourself in the "Bitcoin for Beginners Playlist" by Andreas Antonopoulos. Although a few years old, these videos thoughtfully cover various aspects of technology, importance, safety, and more. At one time Andreas was the main source of information for many OGs in the Bitcoin space today (before becoming OGs). Completing this 49-video series will significantly enhance your Bitcoin knowledge: Begin Your Journey.

  • The Bitcoin Standard: Explore "The Bitcoin Standard" by Saifedean Ammous. This book delves into money's historical context, economic properties, and Bitcoin's potential impacts on economics, politics, and society. Available on various platforms, you can also find it on Saifedean's website along with additional educational content. If you would like to go a little deeper, we also recommend Saifedean's book and course on Principles of Economics and The Fiat Standard: Visit Saifedean's Website.

  • Bitcoin Fundamentals Podcast: This is a weekly podcast that we never miss at Bitcoin LYFE. On Bitcoin Fundamentals, Preston Pysh talks about the fundamentals of Bitcoin, investing in Bitcoin, news, and deep dives. He also speaks with prominent people in the Bitcoin space and beyond. Preston is an extremely well-known figure in the Bitcoin and investing space and always delivers clear dialogue and thoughtful discussion. While there check out the rest of their podcasts on The Investor’s Podcast Network to see what else may interest you.

  • The Breakdown: A daily analysis of macroeconomics, bitcoin, geopolitics and big picture power shifts, hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore. This is a great daily podcast to keep you informed of major events in the space. These are generally short (~15min) podcasts but provide succinct and objective discussion of the latest news. Available on most platforms and you can visit online here.

  • The News Block: This is a weekly 10-minute podcast from Natalie Brunell. It is a simple, insightful update on Bitcoin and the global financial landscape to help you stay well-informed on the top news stories. This podcast provides a low-time commitment way to keep up on the major happenings in the space. Natalie also provides longer podcasts/interviews that are also definitely worth a listen. Find this on your favorite podcast provider, or check out here Substack here.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

  • Lopp.net: An invaluable trove of knowledge by Jameson Lopp, Co-founder & CTO of Casa. Explore articles, presentations, interviews, and Lightning Resources. Delve into Bitcoin-specific materials meticulously curated for educational growth. This is one of the best archives that we have found for learning about Bitcoin. If you are able to consume all the information, books, articles, podcasts, documentaries, etc on this site, you will be able to consider yourself among the most educated Bitcoiners! Dive In.

  • Bitcoin Wiki: This wiki is a public resource for the community of Bitcoin users, developers, and businesses as well as anyone interested in Bitcoin. Unlike Wikipedia, the Bitcoin Wiki is not an encyclopedia, and includes things like non-encyclopedia details (e.g., exact specifications on service fees, product performance, etc), how-to manuals, protocol specifications, original research, etc. There are also no notability requirements beyond the requirement that the material be of general interest to some segment of the Bitcoin community or the Bitcoin-curious general public. Fot those looking to browse and understand a little deeper, we highly recommend checking this website out here.

  • Michael Saylor's Educational Resources: If you spend any time at all in the Bitcoin space, you will undoubtedly come across Michael Saylor. Michael is the executive chairman and a co-founder of MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. He has become well known for not only converting billions of dollars of their company treasury into Bitcoin, but also as one of the most outspoken and recognizable Bitcoin proponents. He has countless interviews and podcasts that you will come across (be sure to check out his interviews on Robert Breedlove’s “What is Money” podcast), and he has also set up https://www.hope.com/ where he has assembled a thorough collection of education resources, interviews, and podcasts. He also offers free courses through his Saylor Academy that are definitely worth your time, including courses on Bitcoin, monetary history, and Austrian economics. One of his recent presentations that we highly recommend watching is his Bitcoin Prague 2023 keynote address, entitled “The Future of Bitcoin”: Watch Keynote. You can also download a pdf version of his presentation here.

  • Blue Collar Bitcoin: We recommend checking out the BTC Resources page on the Blue Collar Bitcoin website. Here they have a link to their own series of learning podcasts on Bitcoin, and also they have packaged learning guides in 1, 5, 15, and 50 hour increments depending on your interest and amount of time you have to commit. These are comprised of numerous podcasts and resources from various interviewers that help to frame out the fundamentals and major themes in Bitcoin today. We have found this VERY useful. Also, we suggest tuning in to Josh & Dan's weekly podcast, offering a blend of [sometimes edgy] humor and education. Firefighter/Paramedics by profession, they share their knowledge of economics, finance, and Bitcoin. Check it out!

  • What Bitcoin Did: Under the What Bitcoin Did “Learn Bitcoin” section, they have laid out a step-by-step guide to get your started. This will guide you through a progression of information within videos, articles, books, and podcasts to help provide a foundation for your understanding and growth in Bitcoin. Also join Peter McCormack's podcast as he interviews experts in Bitcoin development, privacy, investment, and adoption.  Start Learning.

Well, there it is! …our recommendations to get you started on your learning journey. We have clearly only scratched the surface of where all you can seek out your Bitcoin education. However, we hope this information helps you to get a foothold and surely each one of these recommendations has the potential to help you branch off into various directions as you gain a deeper understanding. If you come across resources that you think we should add to our list, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!